Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), also known as paintless dent removal, describes a method of removing minor dents from the body of a vehicle. A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR as long as the paint surface is intact. PDR may be used on both aluminum and steel panels.

Paintless Dent Removal

The most common practical use for PDR is the repair of hail damage, door dings, minor creases and minor plastic bumper indentations. Auto body repair technicians also utilize the PDR method to prepare a damaged panel for repainting, which is referred to as “push to paint” or “push for paint.”

We can repair a wide range of vehicle damage using PDR, however, PDR is not suitable for paint repair but can prepare the surface for repainting.

Limiting factors for a successful repair using PDR include: the flexibility of the paint and the amount of metal that has been stretched by the damage. In some instances, extremely sharp dents and creases may not be repairable – at least not without painting afterward.

Our PDR expert can tell you if this less expensive alternative dent and ding repair is an option for you.

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